Stone cladding can provide the timeless and elegant look of stone work while using a pre-existing masonry wall. Reinforced concrete walls provide significant structural integrity and can be beautifully finished with stone cladding. Likewise stone cladding can be used in renovations to increase the resale value of your home. Whether you have used it inside or outside the property there is an extensive range of natural stones and finishes, each of which have their own unique and striking look.

Sandstone cladding is a layer of sandstone applied to an exterior or interior wall, to create a stone feature wall. Sandstone is quarried and then cut to a thickness of between 30-100mm to create sandstone cladding. When installed correctly sandstone wall cladding can have the same appearance as a solid sandstone walls. Using sandstone cladding can significantly reduces stone weight and cost.

Stone cladding is typically used to dress a brick, block or concrete walls. The cladding is affixed to the surface using speciality glues, mechanical fixtures or specially designed stainless steel pin that are fixed into both the wall and the stone cladding to support the weight of the stones.

Working with a stone cladding specialist, who will skilfully and carefully install your stone is key to achieving a spectacular and long lasting stone wall.
Stones needs to be carefully selected, cut and dressed to achieve a balanced arrangement of stone sizes, shapes, colours, good bond (joint) position and  consistency.

It is recommended that cladding be installed by a professional stone mason. When incorrectly installed stone cladding can fall away from the wall and be a potential danger particularly when large stones are being used.

Brick and Stone Construction are one of Sydney's leading stonemasons and are specialists in stone wall cladding. Speak to the experts and get the right advice first. Contact Frank Alker at Brick and Stone Construction today.

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"Eco Outdoor specialises in the supply of external natural stone flooring and walling materials and has worked collaboratively with Brick and Stone Construction on many projects for the past 6-7 years. What sets Brick and Stone Construction apart is their ability to work with the stone and understand the clients expectations to achieve the desired outcome. Stone masonry requires refined skills and attention to detail and Brick and Stone Construction bring this to every project they are involved with. "

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