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From the beginning Frank inspired confidence. While our expectations were already high after perusing other testimonials and the photo gallery, we were impressed with the way he explained the work required – i.e. reconstruction of a badly-built retaining wall that was leaning alarmingly – and what to expect on site as the work progressed. The wall sits alongside our driveway, which is nicely paved. Frank reassured us that all care would be taken during the two week process and that access to our home would be rarely impeded when required.  As we hadn’t lived with a rubble-inducing renovation of some weeks duration until this point, we had a few doubts. But it quickly became clear that we were in skilled and conscientious hands. Two relatively-painless weeks later, we had a magnificent wall!  Not only is it expertly constructed, it looks so much better than the previous wall, despite re-use of the original sandstone. Indeed, we couldn’t be happier with our choice of Frank and the final result.

Thalia and Darren Broughton
Hunters Hill




Retaining Walls

Brick and Stone Construction specialise in all types of retaining walls. Retaining walls are major components within a landscape and has the ability to completely transform an outdoor space and dramatically increase the usable area. A retaining wall can providing additional outdoor entertaining areas or even allowing extensions to existing buildings. Brick and Stone Construction have been building and replacing retaining walls for over 25 years.

Poor r etaining wall design and construction can result in retaining wall failure and they can be a potential danger. The earth that they retain is constantly moving and the lateral pressure exerted by the soil and groundwater can make retaining walls sag, crack, bulge, lean, produce large gaps, or collapse. Often times, the only way to fix a failed retaining wall is to tear it out and rebuild it.

Working with a Brick and Stone, retaining wall specialists, who will take the time to skilfully and carefully design and construct your retaining wall is key to achieving a functional and long lasting result.


The lack of proper drainage is the most common reason for retaining wall failure. When water is absorbed into the soil behind a retaining wall and it has no place to go, the pressure behind the wall is increased. If the water continues to build up, it will eventually push the wall out, causing it to bulge or collapse. Installing drain pipes and using a clean, granular rock for both the backfill and the base of the wall will allow water to drain out. The pressure will be released and wall failure will be prevented. For this reason there are many retaining wall failures during periods of high rainfall.


The foundation is one of the most important parts of you wall. The footing and foundation system ensures that the retaining wall can resist the imposed lateral forces. It will also prevent the wall from sinking or settling excessively.


Well designed and built walls often utilize steel reinforcement bars or other methods to tie the wall to the foundation. The type of reinforcements needed depends on a number of factors – the soil conditions, the type of material being used to build the wall, and the height of the wall.

Concrete Retaining Walls: If you need to retain a large volume of earth, concrete retaining walls are most likely the best option. Constructed with concrete block they can be reinforced with steel bars and core-filled with concrete.
Stone cladding can be added to a concrete block retaining walls to create a beautiful landscaping feature.

Sandstone Retaining Walls: A solid natural sandstone retaining wall is a beautiful classic feature and can make a great retaining wall solution.

Timber Retaining Walls: Railway sleepers, treated pine and some Australian hardwoods are suitable for retaining walls. Timber may not be your best long-term solution, though, since all timber is subject to decay over time.

Brick Retaining Walls: Brick is a good choice for small garden edging but does not retain large lateral earth pressures.


As you can see, correct design and construction is critical to build a functional and long lasting retaining wall. Speak to the experts and get the right advice first.
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